Increasing Productivity in The Work Place

As a manager, productivity can be hard to find at the time. Keeping your employees engaged in work can be difficult. Whether it is person issues or lack of motivation. However, productivity is vital for success and growth in the workplace. For your business to thrive all colleagues need to meeting targets and complete tasks. If productivity is low and if you are finding it hard to motivate your colleagues, here are a few simple hints and tips that will help increase productivity in the workplace.

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Search Engine Optimisation Strategy For 2017

SEO, the digital marketing trend that has taken over the online world. If you are interested in how search engine optimisation works, then there is an abundance of information available to read online.
SEO is always changing, that is why we have taken some tips for SEO Glasgow company, Smarter Digital Marketing. The Scottish company have been working in this sector now for a number of years and have given us some expert tips on SEO strategy for 2017.

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A Guide to Having a Successful Online Presence

Within business, having an online presence is vital to the success of a company. The technology years are taking over with more the 45 million people in the UK having access to the internet. This huge figure is set to increase rapidly in the next couple of years. This figure emphasises the sheer importance of having an online presence that customer can use and love. More than 90% of the UK population are internet users, using the internet to make a purchase. With the online retail trade rising it has never been more important for you to be available online. However, it is not easy to get your online present right so here are some handy tips that will help you have a successful online presence.

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The Best Entertainment for A Corporate Party

Corporate parties are a great way to let your employees let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Hosting a corporate party, any time of the year can show your employees your appreciation you have for them for all of their hard work. It doesn’t always have to be somewhere upmarket or expensive, having a few drinks and some much needed time away from the office can make all the difference. Allow you and your employees to get to know each other and bond over a few drinks and some light-hearted fun. Here are some of the best entertainment to have at a corporate party.
Live Band or Musician
Get people moving with a live band or amazing musician. Live music creates a chilled, unique atmosphere as more people are likely to get up and bust some moves. A live band will most likely be able to play music that will please everyone’s music taste. Having a live band will also ensure everyone is having a good time like they would at a gig or concert. There is nothing quite like live music, as it energises the crowd and gets people excited to dance.
In most cases, a live band will provide better sound quality than that of a DJ or plain old CD player. Musicians can also change the tempo of songs to make them fit into any circumstances. A live band also increased the elegance and sophistication of a party.

Photo Booth
Having a photo booth ready and waiting for your employees to enjoy will be perfect for any millennials that you employ. People love taking pictures and making memories. Let your staff remember the fun that they had by providing a fun picture booth for them to love.
Keep the pictures in the office or lunchroom so that everyone can be reminded of the fun they had on their night out. Most photo booths come with props included. This will provide your staff with a great excuse to get dressed up and take silly pictures with their work friends and colleagues. These photo booth pictures will make the best memories for you and your employees.

A Magician, Caricaturist or Dancer
Break the ice by having a magician or caricaturist at your corporate party. Before the band start, kick the night off with some light entertainment that will keep everyone amused before the main event. Ramp up the atmosphere by having magicians, caricaturist or even dancers.
These types of entertainment would be perfect for a corporate party for a large business. People coming from different sectors of the business together to enjoy the party. Having an entertainer there will break the ice between guests that may not know each other, or from different offices. They will create a talking point that draws everyone together, getting them to interact and get to know each other.

The Perfect Party
When hosting a corporate party for your employees, it is important to remember the entertainment. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and be amused the whole evening. keep this in mind next time you are planning a corporate party, as these entertainment ideas would be perfect for any corporate party.

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How to Design Your Way to Success

To be successful in business you need have all the elements; good employees, good online presence, and most importantly, a good design. This can be in the form of a website, logo or brand. Your brand is one of the most important things to your company, you need to get it right. Your customers will identify with you through your brand. Here are some easy design tips that will send you on your way to success.
Why Having a Strong Design Is Important
Your design is one of the first things your customer will see about your company. From your logo design to your brand. For this reason, it has to differ from competitors and be easily recognisable. Having a clean design will make it easier for your target audience to recall your brand. It will also portray to your customers that you are professional.
In essence, your design, either brand or logo, is the face of your company. Therefore, it is vital that it represents your company and what you stand for.

Developing A Design
When you are developing your design it is important to remember that your brand is the face of your company and this first thing that potential customers will see. For this reason, it has to fully represent your company and what you stand for.
Choosing an appropriate colour for your design is vital, as it needs to be inviting to your customers. if you are a heavy metal clothing shop, you are not going to use baby pinks and blues on your design as it will not attract your target audience. Darker blues and purples would make a perfect choice.
Colours also have individual means to them, such as blue. Blue is a cool, calm colours that would be perfect for a massage company. Therefore, before you choose what colours you are going to use in your design you need to think about their meaning. Giving of the wrong message in your design could be devastating to your company.
Most designs also include an image or writing on them. This is another thinking point before you choose your design. It needs to be something that your customers want to see, as well as something that represents your brand.

Implementing Your Design
Once you have developed your design, it’s time to implement it into your business. Any successful company will have their design located all over their business. Your design should be located on your website, social media platforms, office mugs, carrier bags… the list could go on. Anywhere where your business is involved needs to have your design.
Having your design available on all aspects of your business will make it easier for your customers to recognise and identify your company. Doing this will also build your brand identity, which is vital for success.
Being Successful
Whether you have 100 employees or are self-employed working from home, you need a good, strong design in order to be successful. Investing time and effort into your design is vital for it to be effective. You also need to ensure that the design represents your company and what you stand for. By doing this you will increase your brand identity and image, increasing your success.