The Pallet Lifter – All You Need To Know

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The pallet lifter is a versatile piece of equipment which has been used for many years by several different industries to transport goods. In this article I will go over what the advantages of the pallet lifter are and why you might want to consider using one.

Who Uses The Pallet Lifter?

One of the remarkable things about the pallet lifter is that it used all over the world and not just by logistics businesses but by a variety of different types of businesses and sectors. One of the main reasons for this is the pallet lifter’s simplicity. Essentially the pallet lifter can lift and transport goods in some cases weighing over a tonne short distances. A great feature of the pallet lifter is the fact that it only requires one person to operate it. The main user of the pallet lifter in a commercial sense is probably logistics firms as they typically deal with the highest volumes of goods.

What Is The Pallet Lifter?

This form of equipment is known by a number of different terms such as the pallet jack and is used to lift heavy goods. It only requires one person to operate and typically can be found within warehouse environments . One of the many benefits of the pallet lifter is that it is cheap and affordable meaning that even smaller companies can afford it. In some of the tests we conducted to see how effective the pallet lifter was we found that it could lift weights of over a tonne in some cases.  Effectively the pallet lifter halved the time in which it would have taken several employees to move the goods without the assistance/help of the lifter. However there are a number of alternatives to this form of equipment which are available on the market.

Pallet Lifter

Alternatives To The Pallet Jack

One of the most well known and popular alternatives to the pallet jack is the forklift truck. The forklift truck is a vehicle that can transport weight up to and over three tonnes and is the backbone of many logistics companies as well as other industrial firms. One of the main advantages the forklift has over the pallet jack is that it is driven by a motor. This means that it can travel considerably larger distances and it can work for longer as it does not require manual handling by the operator. Although on the other hand it could be argued that a disadvantage of the pallet jack is it requires training in order to for the forklift driver to use it. This incurs a cost to the business as they have to train the operator of the forklift. In addition to this it takes time to train the employee whereas with the pallet jack the employee requires far less training and it is a more cost effective solution.


To conclude the pallet jack  is one of the most effective forms of equipment for use for moving goods is the pallet jack. This is due to its ability to be moved through narrow spaces , cost effectiveness and  overall versatility