Increasing Productivity in The Work Place

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As a manager, productivity can be hard to find at the time. Keeping your employees engaged in work can be difficult. Whether it is person issues or lack of motivation. However, productivity is vital for success and growth in the workplace. For your business to thrive all colleagues need to meeting targets and complete tasks. If productivity is low and if you are finding it hard to motivate your colleagues, here are a few simple hints and tips that will help increase productivity in the workplace.

Allow Your Employees to Have Coffee Breaks


Working a 9 till 5 jobs can be strenuous. Sitting a computer desk all day is tiring and potentially boring. Not that work is meant to be a fun filled party, but you are meant to feel happy in the workplace. Being happy in the workplace is one way to boost productivity.

Allowing your employees to have short coffee or tea breaks can make all the difference. Once you allow this to happen you will notice a complete difference in the productivity levels of your staff. Another way to help with productive would be investing in a decent coffee machine that your employees can use and get away from their desk for a minute. This will also show your employees how much to value them if you buy them a good coffee machine that they can use. You are bound to see improvements in productivity with this simple trick.

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Set Deadlines and Goals… And Stick to Them!


No one wants a manager that they can walk all over. Do not let yourself become one of those managers. People work better under pressure and get work done to higher standards if they are given a time constraint.  Therefore, you should set your employees targets and timelines to meet. These deadlines should be set in stone and not open-ended as the task will never get done.

Although it is important to have deadlines for our employees, it is important to remember that these deadlines need to be achievable. There is nothing more de-motivating than insane targets that are completely unachievable.

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Praise Your Employees Good Work


If you find that your employees are unproductive, you need to look at some of the reasons behind why that might be. Look at yourself and ask what you could do differently. People love to be praised for their hard work. A study conduction found that people that feel valued in workplace are more likely to want to get their work finished in time. Therefore, if you praise your employee’s good work they will feel more motivated to get their work completed, and thus productivity will increase.

Publically rewarding an employee for their good work during a meeting or staff talk, will make that employee feel valued. As well as this, it will show the other employees that they will get the same treatment for their work. if you fail to reward your staff members, they will have little motivation and you will see a huge slump in productivity.