Can Factories Provide Sustainable Jobs?

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Let’s take a look at this question and do our best to answer it with an open mind. How can we answer the question “Can Factories Provide Sustainable Jobs?” We are to be clear that we are not talking about jobs in a legal sense – we are talking about jobs which is the full and accurate definition of sustainable jobs and as such is pretty much synonymous with a career path which is not outmoded.


Obviously, we are looking for jobs that are really going to leave a lasting impression on the long term. We are looking for a career that is going to enable us to be able to provide meaningful work for the rest of our lives and even be able to create a sustainable work style with respect to income. How many people do you know who say that they had a career path that was destined to fail because they would be struggling to support themselves when they reached the latter part of their career? Even more people said that they were capable of doing that in an industry that was not one that they wanted to be in – so why would it be any different in an industry that is specifically for those with unique skill sets?

As such, I would like to ask whether or not we can expect factories to be able to provide sustainable jobs or not? The answer is no, because the basic industry and indeed the construction sector have a very specific set of requirements – especially with respect to the skills that each individual worker is expected to possess, or if you like, the competencies that are required for a given job.

As a result, to expect that industries like construction or manufacturing will be able to provide competitively priced and effectively processes is unrealistic. They simply cannot do that. This should be something that all concerned know, but apparently it’s only the delusional to think that they may want to believe that they could.

Business Options

An equally unrealistic expectation is that these businesses will be able to deliver anything close to environmentally friendly jobs- and as a matter of fact, in most cases they are unable to meet this unreasonable expectation. The reason for this is simple: it is simply not feasible to do so. This is due to the fact that construction companies have a very high demand for products and services that are toxic and hazardous by their very nature.

Now, I realize that some industry advocates may have an agenda here, but what they are offering is not actually to help people with environmentally friendly jobs – they are actually creating products which are not sustainable. This means that there is absolutely no way that these companies will be able to deliver in the true sense of the term sustainable jobs for the foreseeable future.

The real issue here is not about whether or not factories can provide sustainable jobs or not, but rather how we can achieve them. Is it going to require a completely new approach or are we going to need to start seeing more of our current businesses completely re-imagine themselves? In terms of some of these businesses, the answer is a bit of both – however, much of the blame is now being placed on the consumers.

Jobs In Society

More than ever before, the consumers are the ones making the decisions and what they are demanding is the world they want to live in. If we as a society are going to start behaving like companies, then the sooner we get over the reality that the economy is on life support and begin to turn things around the better. This is a lot easier said than done, however, so the sooner we realize that and start trying to force change for the better off we will be.